What is the YPAT?

What is the YPAT?

The Youth Programming Assessment Tool (YPAT) helps youth-serving civil society organizations (YSOs) reflect upon their own internal programming and institutional practices and identify areas for improvement.

To develop the YPAT, FHI360 reviewed over 20 youth program assessment tools, held consultations with experts and stakeholders in the field, and pilot tested it with 3 youth-serving organizations in Jordan and 6 youth-serving organizations in Jamaica. The tool sets standards of best practice and provides concrete steps and examples for how a YSO can operationalize Positive Youth Development (PYD) with the ultimate goal of improving programming to enhance developmental outcomes for youth.

Figure 1: Assessment and improvement cycle

The tool’s primary goals are:


Promoting Reflection

To promote reflection among key program staff and youth participants on programming practices based on the Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach.


Generating Data

To generate data to inform program improvement by providing concrete standards and benchmarks to guide improvement plans.


Gain Perspective

To gain youth perspective on program services.


Who should use the YPAT?